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Behind The Brand

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Joanne and I'm an artist. I love creating art through various art forms-- through calligraphy, videos, photos, words or a combination of the above mediums, to reflect beauty. Through my experiences of working on-site during corporate events and hosting art workshops, I've seen how art is appreciated universally across different age groups and nothing makes me happier than seeing how others create art and recognize their own beauty from there.


I believe that time is the only thing that can never be earned back and I see so much sincerity in using that time to handwrite something that's customized exclusively for you. Text messages can always be retyped and re-sent, but beautifully hand-written calligraphy cannot be identically forged. Therefore, every note I write is the first and last of its kind, making it a masterpiece of its own. In a world where products are mass manufactured so easily, there's nothing more sincere than having a gift that's customized, specially for you.


I love working with creative minds and this need not be limited to just calligraphy alone. Whether you're looking for a writer, a photographer, a videographer or an artist, drop me an email and I'd be happy to create something artistic out of our project.