" Joanne did a thorough explanation of the fundamentals of calligraphy. It was very useful especially for a novice like me.

By not focusing on just the product but the process, it helped me have a better understanding of how calligraphy is done. It was great fun!"

-- Cheryl

"Joanne has a very active way of teaching. Limiting her class to about 5-6 students max enables her to give enough / equal attention to everyone which in return helps the student to grasp the lesson quickly.

She also puts in a lot of attention and care in preparing for lessons."

-- Alyssa

"I had one workshop with Joanne at Knots for calligraphy on acrylic and I have to say that it was the best class I have ever taken in a similar type. She is a great teacher who is super attentive and kind. I took two classes with other teachers prior to this and Joanne by far is the best.

She taught the class based on each individual's ability and lucky for us, the class was kept to a small size that day so we had her full attention from there.

Even after the class, we were still welcomed to ask her more information about calligraphy and more. My daughter was so jealous that I learned a lot that day, she wanted to take private classes with Joanne after her PSLE! Thank you Joanne, now I am better in writing calligraphy than her -- who used to be better than me."

-- Yolanda